Why study in USA after O-Levels?

April 16, 2019 Administrator

You might be thinking of your next study option after O levels. It is typical for Singaporeans to only consider local routes: Junior College or Poly. Now let’s just pause to think a bit. Aren’t there other better options? Perhaps not locally but why not overseas? Why not consider study in USA?


Trivia #1: Do you know which side of the road cars drive on in USA?


Answer: Right-hand traffic or right side of the road. Well, the Americans tend to think that they are right about everything, isn’t it? Even the roads.


Below are some of the reason why your should consider to study in USA after O-levels:


1. World-class universities

Some of the world’s top universities are located in USA. Those that you have heard before might include Harvard University, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, UC Berkeley and UCLA. If you stop to ponder a little bit more and names like USC, Chicago, Illinois, Washington, Boston, New York and Hawaii would pop up in your mind as well. These universities would not accept students directly into the degree courses using your O levels. However, there are many options to progress into these universities after O levels in Singapore. A viable progression option would be through community college such as De Anza College, Green River College, Diablo Valley College, El Camino College, Seattle College and San Jose City College. These options also offer affordable tuition rates as opposed to direct entry into USA universities.



2. No SAT required

Must you take SAT to begin your study in USA? The answer is No.




3. Graduate ahead of your peers

It only takes you 4 years to graduate with a recognised degree in USA after O levels. You hear me right! Only 4 years. For guys with NS obligation to fulfil in Singapore, it is also the same duration.


Trivia #2: Do you know USA is made up of how many states?


Answer: 52. That’s a lot isn’t it. There are some countries with more.



4. Flexibility

USA is not only known for its quality of education, but it is also highly known for its variety of degree offerings and flexible education system. Some of the most popular programmes of study include Business, Computer Science, Hospitality, Engineering, Media, Education, HealthScience and Performing Arts. The first and second year of university comprises of mostly core curriculum modules that are related to science, humanities, language, etc. Technically, you don’t really have to choose a major until your Junior year (3rd year of 4-year university). So if you are still clueless about what you really want to major in after O levels, study in USA would afford you some time to explore further and think about what you really want as a career.




5. Greater exposure and diverse campus life

Compared to Singapore, USA is a much bigger country with a much bigger population. It is the world’s largest economy with a bigger market. USA is home to many multinational companies. For example in California state, San Jose and San Francisco area is home to companies such as Apple, EBay, Google, Intel and Oracle. In Washington state, Seattle is home to Amazon and Microsoft. These companies attracts the best brains to USA and ther is no better way to get involved in all these action by going around there. You may want to also try to find work in USA. International students are eligible for optional practical training (OPT) and can legally work in USA after completing their degree.


Get yourself immersed into the culture. There are various clubs and societies that you can join. You can also take part in sporting activities such as Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, etc. USA has many tourist hotspots and why not make time to travel during summer or winter breaks to learn more about the country and what they have to offer.


Trivia #3: Do you know which USA territory is furthest from the Mainland USA?


Answer: Guam. Well, it is nearer to the Philippines and much of South East Asia than Hawaii or anywhere else in the Mainland USA.



Do not wait to plan your future! There are intakes available in Spring (March/April), Summer (June) and Fall (August/September). If you are interested to find more about study in USA after O levels, enquire with us at Global Study Abroad. Together we can plan your future for the optimal route to get you your degree.


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