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“It was only in the theatre that I lived.” – Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray), Irish Playwright/Novelist/Poet.


Hoping to get a foot into the arts industry? Are you an aspiring individual who dreams to perform in world-renowned venues such as Royal Albert Hall in London, The Seebühne in Austria or Philharmonie de Paris in France? With a knack for theatrics, do you yearn to hone your acting, singing and dancing talents and become a ‘triple threat’ performer? Then realise both the artistic and academic potential as an artist and creative professional by embarking on an education pathway to success by earning your Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts.

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Why a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts?

A degree in Performing Arts offers graduates a great opportunity in getting a head start in competitive performing arts, entertainment, television and film & movie industry as a stage performer, actor, musician, thespian, dancer, choreographer and stage designer. Often, most performing arts undergraduate degrees are three or four years long. Students might be given the option of taking part in a work experience placement during your studies, a good opportunity to develop your skills in a professional context.


If you love performing arts but not so keen on joining the celebrity ranks, there are plenty of other performing arts career to consider apart from becoming a stage performer. These include Dramatherapist, Community Arts Worker, Theatre Stage Manager or Theatre Director to name a few.

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Performing Arts Universities

If you are inclined to study in the UK, the University of Bristol offers a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies and other various undergraduate courses. The duration of the course spans over 3 years. The University of Bristol has been highly rated in several ranking charts; 3rd in The Complete University Guide 2016, 17th in The Guardian and ranks in the top 100 universities worldwide in Performing Arts following QS World University Ranking 2016. Other highly ranked Universities include University of Surrey (2nd), Lancaster University (5th), Coventry University (13th) and University of Sussex (15th) to list a few.


Aside from the UK, University of Sydney in Australia offers a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre & Performance Studies) over the course of 3 years/4 years with Honours. The courses offers students to explore different methods to performance making, creating short works and engage with professional artists-in-residence, providing a solid basis for students who later train as performers, directors, teachers, art administrators and related areas of cultural practice. University of Sydney is placed in the top 100 institutions in the world for Performing Arts following the QS World University Ranking 2016.


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Generally across the various Universities, a minimum A Level grade of AAB is required to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts. Several schools will specify that they would prefer applicants who have previously studied a similar or related subject. Nonetheless, other schools would gladly accept students without prior knowledge or experience be it that applicant show a keen interest. In addition, you are likely to be asked to attend an audition. Universities will provide information on the audition format. Applicants are to prepare a few performance pieces in advance, which should be varied in style and tone, in order for the admission officers to get a good idea of your current range of skills.


So grab the opportunity to hone your skills to perform, share your stories and captivate the audience. The options are endless and the possibilities are limitless. Pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts and make a grand entrance into the world.

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