Engineering Programs

Engineering is the core of civilization.

We are dependent on Engineers day-in day-out to solve problems and develop solutions in areas related to infrastructures, transportation, energy, waste, etc. Just look around and you can clearly see why Engineers are so vital to the society.


Check out this video on Youtube that shows you why Engineering is important.  Civil, Electrical, Aerospace, Chemical, Structural, Mechanical, etc.

Stockphotosecrets-Construction Engineers
Engineer looking aty a checklist during maintenance work in a large industrial engine room

So, which field of Engineering do you want to be in?

Recent data from Ministry of Manpower 2014 Job Vacancies Report shows that there is a huge demand in Singapore for engineering related jobs, including civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electronics engineer, industrial & production engineer and electrical engineer.


With a shrinking pool of engineers in Singapore, it offers greater opportunities for local and foreign graduates in Engineering and Professional Engineers to find a job in Singapore. Graduates will be required to obtain a recognized Engineering degree if they are to land an Engineer job in Singapore.


If you will like to know more about recognized Engineering degrees in Singapore, you can refer to the links listed at the bottom of this page.



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Some of the universities offering Engineering degrees recognized in Singapore include:


Australia United Kingdom  

United States


Australian National University

University of Sydney

University of Western Australia


University of Aberdeen

University of Bristol

University of Birmingham

University of Bradford

University of Greenwich

University of Lancaster

University of Leeds

University of Leicester

University of Liverpool

University of Sheffield

University of Strathclyde

University of Surrey

University of Sussex

Coventry University

Liverpool John Moores University

Sheffield Hallam University



and many more…

University of California (e.g UC Berkeley, UCLA)

California State University (e.g Los Angeles, Long Beach)


James Madison University

Northern Arizona University

University of Vermont

Widener University

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

City College of New York


For further information related to Engineering, please contact us to find out more about the available foundation pathways and universities.

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Some internet links pertaining to recognition of Engineering degree in Singapore

  • Professional Engineer Board – Summary of Professional Engineers (Approved Qualifications) Notification

  • Building & Construction Authority – List of universities for Resident Engineers

  • International Engineering Alliance

  • Engineering Accreditation Commission (USA – ABET Accredited Program Search)

  • Institute of Engineering, Australia

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