5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Community College

January 2, 2018 Administrator

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore

(Updated 31 October 2019)

Did you know that A levels is not the only way to get into a good university? What if you can graduate earlier without even taking O levels? There are many ways to get into university and one of them is through community college. Many Singaporeans are not familiar or have not even heard of community college. Here are 5 reasons why you should go to community college.

1. Money

Studying abroad is expensive but going through the community college route can help you save money. 4-year institutions can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars and get you into debt, whereas community college tuition fees are much lower. One option is to study 2 years at a community college and then transfer to a university. Most community colleges have agreements with 4-year colleges and universities, allowing you to directly progress into the university’s degree program after you complete the related program with the college. Most universities require students to take general education modules in the first 2 years before taking classes on their major, so why not save money and spend the first 2 years in community college clearing those general education modules that you would also have to take in university anyway?

2. Time

Going through a community college to get to university may actually be a shorter route. Did you know that you can enter some community colleges after N levels? Some colleges offer high school completion programs where you obtain a high school diploma in about a year, and even have English programs that exempt you from taking proficiency tests to take academic classes. Thus, if all goes well you will graduate at least one year earlier than your peers.

3. Second Chance

Say you didn’t do so well in your exams. Well, it’s not totally hopeless as doing well in community college will help you gain admittance into good universities. It is a chance to start anew and boost your GPA.
4. Smaller class size

Community colleges are generally smaller than universities and tend to have smaller class sizes. This can work to your advantage as less students in a class would mean that you get more attention from your professor and can easily approach him/her if you have any doubts. It is also easier to form relationships with professors and enlist their help in writing references for you.

5. Flexibility

In community college, you have more time to take courses and explore your interests without being pressured to decide your major immediately. This is not often the case in universities where you have to plan your academic curriculum according to your major. Deciding what you want to do in life at a young age is tough and many students switch majors halfway through their education. With community college, you get to figure out what you want at a much lower cost.

Here are some examples of outstanding community colleges:

Green River College

De Anza College

Foothill College

El Camino College

San Jose City College

Diablo Valley College

If you don’t meet the requirements for direct admission into community college programs, you can go through FLS. Click enquire with us for more details.

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