Computer Science

In short, computer science degrees let you learn and teach you in the theoretical frameworks of information systems and computation. These methods, take a pragmatic and hard science approach to computation and its more practical applications. Computation is typically any type of calculation which uses computing technology; these usually follow well-defined models such as algorithms and protocols, whose ultimate aim if for the processing of information (using models to transform and remake data in computer languages).

You might ask, what makes computer science so important? Well, it is considered to be one of the basic foundational sciences of our world today. Which a person can make other knowledge and other achievements possible by the use of computer science languages. You will learn how to study methodical processes (like algorithms) in order to perform actions which are not limited to representations of, and access to information. You will be taught to analyse the workability, structure, expressions and automations of these algorithms, and how to draw relations to information. “Information” in computer science in typically refers to the information which is encoded within bits and bytes within a computer’s memory.

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Computer science in most universities and colleges is usually used as the umbrella term which covers many specialist degrees which involve computers and technology, such as Software/App Development or Cyber Security. Computer Science is also used to refer to the broad range of informational technological degrees. Although you would have to check closely with your chosen university on how they distinguish between the two.


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Careers in Computer Science

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Database administrator, Software developer, Games developer, Information systems manager, IT consultant, Multimedia programmer, SEO specialist, Systems analyst, Systems developer, Web designer, Web developer, Digital copywriter, IT sales professional, IT trainer, Network engineer, Product manager, Secondary school teacher, Technical Author.

This list however, is not exhaustive, to find out more on careers related to Computer Science you could enquire with us to find out where your future prospects might be!


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Universities offering Computer Science

Our list and information is not exhaustive. There are many other careers, universities and colleges which offer computer science or information technology in their curricula. However as a rough guide we have a few universities you could consider for your higher education.Some universities abroad that you can take note of are the following. Australian National University 34th World Ranking QS for Computer Science; also ranked the No. 1 university in Australia according to a number of international measures. For Australian options there is also Charles Sturt University.

For the UK, the University of Bristol, is ranked 5th in the UK for Computer Science. The 12th  ranked university in this subject field in the UK, University of Sheffield, there is also the 35th University of Aberdeen which is a very popular option for international students due to its diversity. For other up and coming options outside of the traditional destinations there is the  Ranked No. 1 in Ireland, University College Dublin. The list does not stop there; there are multitudes of options in the USA, Canada and other Countries in the world! Enquire with us to find out which course is best suited for you and your future career!

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