Biomedical Science

The Biomedical Science field is the combination of both biology and medicine. Biomedical Science furthers medical technologies by studying and understanding the in-depth knowledge of how cells work and their individual roles within a human body; ranging from skin to bones to its organs. This gives doctors and scientists an exact understanding of what goes wrong within a human body when it begins to breakdown or suffer from attack. As technology continues to upgrade, the human body is exposed to new and evolved organisms every day. Some of these new organisms are completely harmless and some others are extremely deadly, for example the H1N1 or Zika viruses. Biomedical students investigate and understand what happens when a body is under attack by bacteria, fungi or viruses in order to develop both prevention and healing medicines.

As a Biomedical Student you will seek to uncover why the body breaks down and suffers from all type of illnesses, ranging from auto-immune diseases such as AIDS or Cancer. Students will study each different cell group within the human body and learn about their different functions. This course of study is for students who wish to be on the cutting edge of medical research, and be dedicated academically to a scientific exploration.

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Job Opportunities and Careers in Biomedical Science

Job Titles directly associated with Biomedical Science are as follows;

  • Biomedical scientist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry
  • Healthcare scientist, genetics
  • Healthcare scientist, haematology
  • Healthcare scientist, immunology
  • Microbiologist
  • Physician associate
  • Research scientist (medical)
  • Toxicologist

Students who graduate with a biomedical science degree usually enter the working world as a biomedical scientist. Scientists usually work in a laboratory, making preparatory work for experiments and performing tests on tissue and fluid samples. You will be involved in trying to find cures for various diseases or illnesses. Your depth into each field within biomedical science will determine your specialisation, as not limited to, one of the following, as a haematologist, microbiologist or toxicologist. Biomedical scientist have the potential to earn over SGD$62,322 according to PayScale in Singapore.

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Where can You Study Biomedical Sciences?

Apart from the obvious choices in the world like Oxford and Cambridge, many other Universities offer a wide range of Biomedical Sciences. There are fantastic options at University of California, Berkeley (7th in the world for Biomedical Sciences), University of California, Los Angeles (14th), Australian National University (28th), and University of Bristol (48th) within the top 50 in the world, according to Times Higher Education. These options are fantastic for student who wants a top notch education in one of the best Universities in the world. Other options are open to students who do not quite make the grade for direct entry and that is through Foundation Programs. Whether you are an A-Level Student, Polytechnic graduate, just finished your O-Levels, or studied N-Levels or NITEC, Global Study Abroad is here to help you get into the University of your Dreams! Contact us now and find out more!


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