Study Hospitality in Switzerland (and guarantee yourself a job)

July 22, 2016

Embark on a new journey in the Swiss Alps at the Business and Hotel Management School in Luzerne, Switzerland.  If you have a strong passion for business or feel like hospitality management is the niche for you, BHMS has you covered. With specific and holistically designed academic programmes, BHMS works to ensure that you obtain the necessary education for you to compete in the competitive business or hospitality sector.


BHMS offers a unique option for you degree seekers. There are two main pathways which you can opt for: The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel or Hospitality Management or a BA in Global Business Management. Both of these degrees are very internationally oriented and focus on making you a global citizen by giving you the understanding and skillsets required to succeed in today’s integrated society. What is unique about BHMS is that while other universities require you to undergo 24 months of study and 12 months internship period, here you can study for only 18 months while interning for another 18 months. What this means is that you have 6 months less of study while gaining 6 additional months of paid work experience in Switzerland.



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For those of you who have strong interest in the tourism industry, BHMS is the ideal pick for you. BHMS has placements with top hospitality related brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Etihad Airways, Shangri-la, Hilton and many more. Many of its students actually go on to obtain full-time jobs at these companies upon graduation. All this is facilitated by an in house career guidance and planning company, Masterwork which is dedicated to help you source and obtain your dream job in the hospitality industry. Undoubtedly, the experience you gain working at such companies will be a springboard for you to achieve greater heights in the industry.


BHMS is located in Luzerne, Switzerland. Luzerne is one of the most visited cities in Switzerland and features stunningly scenic views of mountains and lakes. It is also strategically located for easy access via air, road and rail for travel to all major European destinations such as Paris, Milan, London or Vienna. Living in Luzerne will definitely give you international exposure and help you in develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Your time at BHMS may also be the perfect opportunity for you to learn a new language. Switzerland is a unique nation in that it has three main national languages – French, German and Italian. While all courses will be taught in English, you can use your free time to pick up one of these languages and enhance your international employability.



Image taken from BHMS

If tourism and hospitality management is the industry for you, hesitate no longer! Without a doubt, studying at BHMS will be an enriching experience for you. If you or any of your family members are interested in discovering Switzerland, we also have summer and winter camps organized by Les Elfes International, a company that specializes in enrichment and character building camps in the Swiss Alps Here at Global Study Abroad, we can tell you not just about life at the Business and Hotel Management School but at a host of other universities abroad. Email us at or fill in the enquiry form below! You can also call us at +65 63521121 to set up a consultation. This consultation is completely free of charge. To find out more about our referral and partner schemes, please email us at


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