SPOTLIGHT ARTICLE: Meet the Legend of Les Elfes, Switzerland

June 8, 2016 Administrator

“Designed for students from all corners of the world, Les Elfes Camps offers unique and enriching experiences to young people from 7 to 18 years old”


Les Elfes (pronounce as “Le-Zef”) was founded in 1987. Based in the heart of Swiss Alps, Verbier is situated in one of the most breathtaking regions of Switzerland. At the Les Elfes camps, students come from different cultures and nationalities to take part in various activities such as ski-ing, snowboarding and ice karting. It is not all play as students will take part in foreign language program to improve their conversational skills.


Having to manage more than 5,000 students per year, Les Elfes is one of the largest if not the largest of its kind in Switzerland. Les Elfes implements strict safety standards. They have their own nurse, a 24-hours reception and night guard, which together with the work undertaken by all staff, enables Les Elfes to offer 24-hour supervision of the youngsters.


Les Elfes offers camps throughout the year that caters for students age 7-17. Students can choose to join the International Spring, Summer or Winter camps. Prices range from about CHF2,000 to CHF10,000.


Global Study Abroad_Les Elfes_Malko_Mark_Chua_Weekiat

Mr. Mark Chua, Director of Global Study Abroad, Mr. Foo Wee Kiat, Marketing Manager of Global Study Abroad with Mr. Malko Schraner, Marketing Director of Les Elfes International, Switzerland


Summer Camp 2016

Arrival Date Departure Date Duration
19 June 2 July 2 weeks
03 July 30 July 4 weeks
03 July 23 July 3 weeks
10 July 30 July 3 weeks
31 July 13 August 2 weeks
31 July 27 August 4 weeks
14 August 27 August 2 weeks


Winter Camp 2016/2017

Arrival Date Departure Date Duration
03 December 17 December 14 days
18 December 26 December 08 days
18 December 01 January 14 days
26 December 02 January 07 days
26 December 07 January 12 days
07 January 21 January 14 days
21 January 04 February 14 days
04 February 18 February 14 days
18 February 04 March 14 days
04 March 18 March 14 days
18 March 01 April 14 days
01 April 15 April 14 days
15 April 29 April 14 days


Global Study Abroad is a proud representative of Les Elfes. For more detail on Les Elfes camps, please email us at  or fill in the enquiry form found on You can also call us at +65 63521121.