Be On Track to Become a Doctor (You Might Have Missed This)

July 11, 2016 Administrator

Many Singaporeans revere the Medical Profession, being a Doctor is seen to be The Life that many pursue. However, it is an extremely difficult course to enroll into at one of the public universities here in Singapore. Therefore many students consider going overseas to pursue their dream of becoming a Doctor. International Medical Graduates or IMGs according to the Health Professionals Board in Singapore refer to Doctors trained overseas.


Students who want to study Medicine overseas and practice in Singapore must hold a degree from a university specified in the Second Schedule of the Medical Registration Act (MRA). Or have a registrable postgraduate medical qualification recognized by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Or exit specialist qualifications recognized for specialist accreditation by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB). And also must apply for conditional registration under the SMC. Do not overlook these facts and registrations needed to be done in order to practice in Singapore! You do not want to study a degree and return to Singapore only to find that it is not recognized and you are unable to continue on your dream to being a Doctor.


Besides degree and postgraduate programs, there are also foundation programs offered overseas with placings into medical courses. These foundation programs are for those who decide early that they wish to pursue the medical career. Depending on your intended destination, Global Study Abroad is here to help you and advise you on which Universities, Degree programs, Postgraduate programs and foundation courses would suit your needs.


In our experience, at Global Study Abroad, the University of Aberdeen has been one of the most popular destinations for Singaporeans to attain a Medical Degree. For Entry Requirements the Singapore GCE A-Levels is a direct equivalent to UK A-Levels, and to be considered they require predicted or achieved grades of AAA, Chemistry is a must have and one subject being Biology, Physics or Mathematics, and one other subject. The popularity of this course and destination is due to Aberdeen being one of the UK Medical Schools recognized for registration by the SMC.


Find out more with us at Global Study Abroad and we can advise you on which institutions you should study at. Global Study Abroad is dedicated to helping you plan your educational journey.  If you have any inquiries please do Contact Us or you could reach us at or call us at +65 6352 1121.