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What is Speech Therapy?
Speech Therapy is a specialised study of communication and swallowing disorders. You will learn how to assess and treat speech-related problems and other cognitive speech deficiencies. Speech therapist work with a spectrum of patient directly ranging from infants to adults.  The degree involves both theoretical and practical elements. Should you decide to pursue a higher education in Speech Therapy, your involvement is guaranteed to be rewarding and you will make a significant change in someone’s life.


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Careers in Speech Therapy
A career as a speech therapist will be on that is rewarding and meaningful. You can find immense satisfaction when a child is finally able to communicate and articulate their words accurately. You also have the opportunity to work across various healthcare and social work areas.

The following are possible career specialisation with a degree in Speech Therapy:
* Source: The Speech-Language and


Hearing Association of Singapore
Dysphagia management
Voice rehabilitation
Fluency management
Various speech and language management for children
Speech management for cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies
Rehabilitation of acquired communication

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