Is the universe real? Do people have free will? Does God even exist? If you are interested in investigating these questions in great detail, then Philosophy is just right for you!


Philosophy is a fascinating subject covering a wide range of topics. Topics are also interdisciplinary in nature and can encompass various subjects like mathematics, physics, religion, politics, society etc. Philosophers ask questions, evaluate, analyse and reason. They are highly sought after for their great critical thinking skills. As clear thinkers, their interpretive, comparative, argumentative, analytical skills make them remarkable problem-solvers. Famous Philosophy graduates include PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.


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Global Study Abroad can help you with your application to reputable universities with good philosophy programs. If you are inclined to study in the UK, you can consider other top universities besides Oxford and Cambridge; like University of Exeter (6th), Durham University (7th),  University of Birmingham (9th), Lancaster University (11th), University of Bristol (12th), University of Sussex (13th), University of Leeds (14th), University of Nottingham (15th), University of Sheffield (16th), Newcastle University (17th), University of York (18th), University of Manchester (19th), University of Edinburgh (20th), University of Essex (21st), University of East Anglia (24th). [Source: The Complete University Guide Rankings - Philosophy 2018]


Other outstanding universities outside the UK include UC Berkeley, UCLA, Australian National University and University of Sydney.


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