An Eye for Success: BSc Optometry

Pause for a minute to ponder the significance of our eyes and sense of vision, and the effect it can bring about once it is lost. Caring for the health of others, without a doubt, is a respectable calling particularly with regards to something as imperative as eye care. If you have an eye for detail, be the first port of call for members of the public distress from vision problems. Pursue a noble career in the field of optometry.

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What is Optometry?

You may ask “So what does Optometry entails?” A clinical application of visual science, Optometry is a health care profession in the study of fundamental physical and life sciences related to the visual system and mechanism. This consists of colour and form perception, eye coordination and focusing properties.  Studying in the field of optometry would incorporate lectures and lessons in providing primary vision care. This includes detecting and diagnosing eye diseases, visual problems or impairments, instruct with respect to the counteractive measures of eye issues, and prescribing and providing treatment for the patient.

The general population frequently consider optometrists experts who test eyes and prescribe lenses. Truth be told, the part of the optometrist in clinical practice is a great deal more broad than expected. Indeed there ale additionally numerous other opportunities to work in other settings as an optometrist outside clinical practice.  Many optometrists may choose to pursue a specialised area in this field. Areas include children’s vision, glaucoma shared care, reading difficulties, refractive surgery co-management and sports vision. Recently, optometrists with further training may choose to work in the area of the therapeutics, joint works with ophthalmology or even prescribing drugs to cope with ocular conditions.

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A career in Optometry

Optometry is an extremely flexible career with extensive options of career pathways that provides various benefits of a recognised profession. Furthermore, it is generally easy for optometrists to move between areas within optometry or to integrate a number of different roles. Indeed, there are various exciting career opportunities available upon graduating with a degree in optometry. There are opportunities in private practice, hospitals, research, teaching and industry. Existing career options available include Clinical Optometrist, Research & Development Optometrist, Lens Consultant, Professional Affairs Executive and Marketing & Customer Development Executive. Normally, an Optometrist’s average salary in Singapore is approximately around $42,000 per year.



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Academic Requirement

Generally across the various schools, a minimum A Level grade of AAB (including two sciences/one science and math) is required to pursue this course. If you wish to study in the UK, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland offers students a 4 year course in BSc (Hons) Optometry for international students who wish to study in the field of optometry. Following the Complete University Guide Subject Ranking 2016, Glasgow Caledonian University’s Optometry course is ranked 3rd in the UK while Aston University if ranked 1st. Similarly, The University of Auckland, New Zealand too offers student the Bachelor of Optometry for individuals who wish to study in scenic New Zealand.


[As per requirement from the Ministry of Health, all optometrists and opticians providing eye care services will need to be registered with the Optometrists & Opticians Board to conduct their work in Singapore. The individual must possess a valid registration and practising certificate following the List of Approved Optometry and Opticianry Qualifications.]

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