Poly Diploma to Degree

February 5, 2018 Administrator

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore


A Poly diploma holder is valued based on his/her practical skills and niche subject-based
knowledge. However, getting a Bachelor’s degree can open more doors for you. Here at Global Study Abroad we work with students to create the most suitable education plan based on each individual’s needs and goals. If you are a Poly graduate, there are many options available to you.


How do I get a degree in the shortest time possible?


With a Poly diploma, most students are able to get credit exemptions of 1-2 years at reputable universities depending on their GPA and whether their diploma matches well with their intended degree program. If you are inclined to study in the UK, US, Australia or even New Zealand, there are many options available that will allow you to attain your degree in 1-2 years.


Most UK and Australian universities recognise diplomas from polytechnics and grant credit exemptions.


Unsure of which university to apply to? Click here for more information and you may find a university that interests you.


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