7 Reasons Why You Should Study At Sheffield Hallam University

May 18, 2016 gstudy330
  1. Something for Everyone


Arts, culture, music, comedy, film and sports are thriving in Sheffield. The city is home to the world’s biggest documentary film festival, England’s largest theater complex outside of London, five multi-screen cinemas, numerous venues attracting internationally-renown artists, musicians and comedians.


  1. Low Cost of Living


Sheffield has a much lower cost of living than most other major cities in the UK, including London. There are special discounts for students in shops, restaurants, cinemas and on public transport. Find out how you can manage your finances and how Sheffield can help you support you studies


  1. Beautiful Countryside


As a vibrant city set within the beautiful English countryside, Sheffield offers the best of both worlds. A third of the city lies within the Peak District National Park and the city boasts more than 200 individual parks, woodlands and gardens.


  1. Travel Anywhere from Sheffield


Sheffield is in the center of the UK and has the most excellent bus and train services. Plus Sheffield is within a 90 minute drive of four international airports making it the best place to explore cities across the UK and throughout Europe.


  1. Excellent Industry Experience


The Departments at Sheffield Hallam are extremely well connected with its industry partners in order for you to gain employment in the relevant sector. This includes support from the government and industry statutory boards. Finding you the right paid placements with guest lectures and factory visits is a priority for the University.


  1. Individual Academic Student Support.


The University priorities and advocates the culture of 1-on-1 teacher to student support. This ensures every single student get the academic rigor necessary to grow their own knowledge base and relevant skills post-graduation. Sheffield’s programs are all about you. Sheffield makes sure the course focuses on your personal and professional development.


  1. Student Discounts outside of Scholarships


At Sheffield Hallam University, there is an automatic discount for international students for full-time courses for £1,000, waived off their tuition fee. Furthermore, students who graduate with an undergraduate degree from Sheffield Hallam are also eligible for a discount on post-graduate course fees. There are also opportunities for part-time work throughout your course of study, the university will help you find work to earn money, supporting your studies and living expenses.


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