USA Community College Education Fair Singapore

Date: 18 January 2020

Time: 10am to 4pm

Venue: EASB Campus, 9 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329975

USACC 2020 has successfully concluded. For application to community colleges or further enquiries, please fill in the form below or contact us at +65 63521121. You can also email us directly at

Inviting all N(A/T), O, A level, ITE, IB, Polytechnic and Private Diploma students and parents to find out what extraordinary opportunities USA education can offer through transfer education. Come attend this Overseas University Fair in Singapore for FREE. Bring your certificates and transcripts for on-the-spot application.

What is USA Community College?

  • Public colleges teaching lower division courses (Year 1 and 2 of an undergraduate degree) to students to transfer with their credits to become a Junior in an accredited university
  • Statistics show that one-fifth (almost 100,000) of all international undergraduate students in the USA study at Community College; 45% of American baccalaureate students start at a 2-year college
  • Offers short-term Certificates, High School Diplomas and Associate Degrees
  • Often cost 1/3 or more than universities
  • Lower entry requirement, SAT not required
  • Top five states: California, Texas, Florida, Washington state or New York state
2+2 Community College Global Study Abroad

Why choose to study in USA Community College?

  • Transfers to top universities such as Stanford, Columbia, Brown, USC, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego and many more
  • Guaranteed Transfer Admission to universities
  • Honors program available allowing students to have priority admissions to top universities such as UCLA
  • Transfer University Partnerships through formal Articulation Agreements between community colleges and universities
  • Lower tuition and fees when compared to other countries or universities, save as much as USD20,000 - USD$35,000 per year
  • Tuition fee payment at the college before start of class (payment by quarters)
  • Earn High School Diploma while taking the Associate degree in 2 years
  • Courses are equivalent to what Freshmen (1st year) or Sophomore (2nd year) would typically take at a university
  • Flexible credit system that allows for selection of subjects and change of majors
  • Multiple intakes per year in Spring (March/April), Fall (August/September) or Winter (January)
  • Summer (June/July) semester intake could be available
  • Homestay or On-campus* accommodation available
  • On campus based work opportunities for international students
  • Partial and merit-based scholarships available
  • National Service (NS) deferment for males is possible (subjected to approval by CMPB, Ministry of Defence)
Community College University Cost Comparison

We have assembled some of the Best USA Community Colleges:

1) Diablo Valley College, CA

2) San Mateo College, CA

3) Foothill College, CA

4) De Anza College, CA

5) Contra Costa College, CA

6) Canada College, CA

7) El Camino College, CA

8) San Jose City College, CA

9) Skyline College, CA

10) Los Medanos College, CA

11) Green River College, WA

12) Highline College, WA

13) Walla Walla Community College, WA

14) Everett Community College, WA

15) Seattle Central College, WA

16) Bellevue College, WA

17) Kapiolani Community College, HI

USACC Community Colleges

Selected Majors


Aeronautical Science

Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing




Automotive Technology


Biological Sciences




Carpentry Technology


Child Development


Computer Information Systems

Computer Science


Criminal Justice

Culinary Arts


Database Design

Digital Arts

Digital Media


Early Childhood Education

Earth Science




Engineering - Aerospace

Engineering - Biomedical

Engineering - Civil



Engineering - Electrical

Engineering - Chemical

Engineering - Computer

Engineering - Mechanical


Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Security Professional

Environment Horticulture & Design

Environmental Science

Environmental Studies & Sciences

Fashion Design

Film/TV Production

Forensic Technology

Geographical Information Systems



Graphics & Interactive Design

Health/Medical Technology


Hospitality Operations

Hospitality Operations Management


Information Technology

Interior Design

International Business

International Relations



Legal Administration

Liberal Arts

Machining & Manufacturing Technology

Maintenance Mechatronics


Marketing & Entrepreneurship




Media Arts


Music Techonology

Network Administration & Security


Occupational Therapy

Pastry Arts


Photography & Digital Imaging

Physical Education & Human Performance


Political Science







Public Relations

Radiologic Technology

Real Estate


Screen Writing

Social Science


Speech Communication

Theatre Arts

Theatre Technology

Travel & Tourism Operations

Travel & Tourism Operations Management

Veterinary Technology

Water/Wastewater Technology


and many more....



Seminar Highlights -

Speaker: Dr Luan Jing

Topic: University Transfer Admission (UTA) and University Freshman Admission (UFA) - Assessing Your College Opportunities via the College University Partnership (CUP) of 145 American Universities

Time and Location: 1030am, Seminar Room

Luan Jing Global Study Abroad USA Community College Event Speaker
Global Study Abroad San Mateo Colleges

Dr. Luan Jing, President of San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley and Provost of International Affairs of San Mateo County Community College District. SMCCCD comprises of Skyline College, Canada College and San Mateo College.

In 2017-2018, Skyline College was the top international student transfer college to UC Berkeley with 50% of its international students gaining admissions. Canada College was 3rd with 42% and College of San Mateo in 15th with 24%. College of San Mateo had a 86% admission rate to the entire University of California system. Located in the No. 1 Safest communities in Silicon Valley, students enjoy internships at nearby headquarters of high tech companies.

He received his postgraduate degrees in the U.S. (Ph.D. from the Mary Lou Fulton School of Education at Arizona State University and Institute of Education Management Certificate of Completion from Harvard University).

He is the incoming President of American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), founding member of College University Partnership (CUP) and the past-Chairman of Study California ( Previously, he was the Vice President of Community Colleges for International Education (CCIE) and Vice President of the Global Beca Foundation. He has been president of many of his professional organizations, including the American National Research and Planning Council for Community Colleges (NCCCRP), the RP Group, the California Association of Research and Planning, and board member of the San Mateo County Workforce Investment Board.

He is a published author and speaker on topics of higher education management, data mining big data, planning, and international education. He is or has been a member of Joint Venture Silicon Valley Strategy Development; China Information Economics Society Associate; Achieving the Dream Coach – a National Initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Lumina

Seminar Highlight -

Speaker: Mr Alvin Tai

Topic: A Singaporean’s Perspective on Studying in USA - How to Succeed!

Time and Location: 1115am, Seminar Room

USACC Alvin Tai Green River College

Mr. Alvin Tai, Director of International Outreach for Green River College. He is a Singaporean, born and raised in Singapore. Alvin came to USA as an international student himself. He has a bachelor degree from Purdue University and completed his Master's degree with Fordham University.

Green River College has 8,000 students with 1,600 international student from 66 countries. It has a beautiful campus located in Auburn, south of Seattle, Washington. GRC is a leader in university transfer with more than 40 university transfer pathways to four-year universities. Singapore Airlines recently launch a direct flight making it easier to get to Seattle within 15 hours.

Alvin and his family has settled down in Auburn where Green River College is located. His passion and interest lies in International Education where he hope to assist international students during their international experience in the U.S. Alvin will like to use what he has learned to help students obtain not a only a good life, but a great life. 

Other speakers from Kapiolani Community College, Diablo Valley College and Everett Community College

Other participants include...

Foundation Pathway Providers


Cambrige Education Group

Kings Education

and others to be confirmed

About USA Community College Education Fair & Seminar 2020

USA Community College Education Fair Singapore

USACC is the flagship event of Global Study Abroad featuring the best of community college education in USA. It is a platform for the organisers and education institution to share what USA community colleges and USA education in general got to offer to students in Singapore and the region. It is also a platform for students and parents to interact with education providers and to gain further insights. 



Background of Global Study Abroad


The organiser, Global Study Abroad, is helmed by 2 previous USA university graduates, Mark and Wee Kiat. Both Mark and Wee Kiat first met each while studying in Hawaii, USA in 1997. Mark came to USA after taking his O-level and Wee Kiat after his A-level. Mark went on to complete his degree in San Diego, California while Wee Kiat stayed on in Oahu, Hawaii. Fate would reunited them again while both were stationed in China for work in the early 2000s. Their common interest in international education would bring them together to promote overseas education. They started with USA and gradually expanded to included countries such as UK, Australia, Canada and many more.

What can Global Study Abroad do for you?

  • FREE Consultation
  • FREE Application process service
  • FREE Document checking and review
  • FREE Visa guidance and assistance
  • FREE Accommodation arrangement
  • FREE Travel assistance

*Any fees and charges would be transparent and made known.

**No fees charged by the education institution will be collected on behalf

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