Sports Science

With the ever increasing popularity within the last 25 years is the comparatively young discipline known as Sports Science. Students are taught to develop theoretical knowledge together with applied practical skills. This field of study is relatively multidisciplinary comprising of Biomechanics, Business and Sports Management, Nutrition, Physiology and Psychology. Undergraduates will be presented to a series of fields of sports science, before selecting one or several areas in which to specialize. Specialisation fields include Sports Management, Sports Physiotherapy, Physical and Sport Education, Sport Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. As such, Sports Science Students will learn to consider the sports industry from the viewpoint of a business, finance and operations stakeholder; pay particular attention on the prevention and treatment of injuries and the various features of athlete management and performance enhancement; explore the methods and theory required in educating people about sports and fitness; study the numerous reasons that can impact athletes’ performance and wellbeing; and the influence of food, vitamins, supplement and regimes on a person’s health and wellbeing.


Teaching in universities will normally be conducted via lectures and seminars, laboratory sessions, practical sessions in gyms, sports halls, fitness rooms, swimming pools, courts and on sport fields and independent research and study.

Sports Science Careers

Sports have become a tremendously giant business venture in today’s modern world. With that comes a widespread reach of the sports industry that offers Sports Science graduates a diversity of career options to embark on. Career examples include Fitness Centre or Gym Manager, Fitness Instructors, Nutritional consultancy, Personal Trainers, Physical Education Teacher, Physiotherapist, Sports Coach, Sports Management and Marketing, and Sports Therapist to name some.


Institutions with Sports Science

Today, there are a number of institutions in the world that offer accredited and highly recognised Sports Science course. Listed below are several universities ranked in the Top 50 in the World for its Sports-related courses:


  University Country Rank
  Loughborough University UK 1st
  The University of Sydney AUS 1st
  University of Birmingham UK 5th
  The University of Edinburgh UK 13th
  The University of Western Australia AUS 20th
  University of Bath UK 22nd
  The University of Exeter UK 25th
  The University of Manchester UK 43rd
  University of Leeds UK 49th


Likewise, listed below are other institutions placed in the Top 100 in the World and recognised for their Sports-related Subjects:


Source: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 (Sports-related Subjects)


Listed below are several universities ranked Top 10 in the UK for its Sports Science courses:


  University Rank
  The University of Edinburgh 1st
  Durham University 3rd
  Loughborough University 4th
  University of Exeter 5th
  University of Leeds 7th
  University of East Anglia 8th
  University of Birmingham 9th
  Bangor University 10th

Source: The Guardian University Guide 2017 (Music)


Other recognised institutions in the UK include Sheffield Hallam University and University of Greenwich.

Cardiff Met Sports Science - Physiology Research Lab
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Physiology Research Lab
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Massage Teaching Room
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Massage Teaching Room
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Performance Analysis Lab
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Performance Analysis Lab
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Biomechanics
Cardiff Met Sports Science - Biomechanics

Additional Information


Loughborough University

The university is tied 1st in the world for its sports-related subjects offered. It boasts one of the UK's largest sports science departments. In addition, Loughborough University has invested more than £36 million on its facilities. The university’s Sports Science graduates are the UK's highest achieving, with 82% achieving either a 1st or a 2:1 in 2016(Higher Education Statistics Agency; HESA).


University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s sports science graduates are one of the most employable in the UK, with 76% of graduates in 2016 able to find work within six months of graduating. (HESA) The university’s gym is one of the biggest in Scotland.


University of Exeter

With 90% of graduates in 2016 stating they were satisfied with the Sports Science course, University of Exeter proves to have some of the most contented sports science graduates in the country! In addition, its Sports Science graduates are one of the highest achieving, with 79% achieving a 2:1 or higher. (HESA)


Sheffield Hallam University

In 2016, SHU delivered the 4th largest Sports Science degree course in UK. The university boasts some of the best sporting facilities, including the Olympic standard Don Valley Athletic Stadium.

Moreover, 75% of students from SHU secured employment within six months of graduating. (HESA)


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