There are two types of Radiography, Diagnostic Radiography and Therapeutic Radiography. Radiography courses in general, equip you with the skills to work in the healthcare sector as a professional radiographer. As a Diagnostic Radiographer, you work mainly with imaging technologies, along with being taught the many personal skills required for the profession. As you would be working with patients and their families often alongside your fellow healthcare professionals, you will need excellent interpersonal skills.

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Showing a caring and sympathetic side to patients undergoing personal illnesses and trials, is important to the full service of the client. Great attention to details are required and you need to be able to think on your feet and make independent decisions, reacting to the dynamic work environment. Therapeutic Radiography on the other hand works with treating the patient for certain illnesses, the most notable is chemotherapy for cancer patients. Again, requiring extremely high interpersonal skills due to the nature of the treatment and the sensitivities to a patient’s situation.

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Institutions with Accredited Radiography Courses

The most important aspect of practicing Radiography after your degree is the accreditation of the degree you have gotten. There are numerous institutions around the world with accreditations which allow you to practice Radiography in Singapore and around the world. According to the Ministry of Health, Singapore, these are the list of Allied Health Institutions which have internationally recognized Radiography courses.

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