Product Design

Contrary to popular belief, Product Design is not just about designing products. It is a way of thinking, a way to come up with new solutions. Product Designers engage in critical thinking and possess excellent problem-solving skills. They integrate their knowledge in material science, manufacturing technology, art etc to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Product Designers also look at the various stages of production as a whole, including marketing (whether there is a market and what will sell), economics (costs), production (materials, supplies). Focusing on user experience, they are experts in human-centred design and valuable members in the industry.


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Students with Design and Technology (D&T) or science and engineering background would be familiar with some aspects of Product Design but background in other disciplines would also be welcome.


Possible professions:

  • Clothing/textile technologist
  • Industrial/product designer
  • Materials engineer
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Toy designer

*This list is not exhaustive

 Pursue Your Dream in the field of Product Design


Many UK universities offer outstanding Product Design programs, including University of Lincoln, University of Dundee, University of East London, University of Nottingham, Loughborough University, Kingston University London, Plymouth University and University of Edinburgh.


If you prefer to study in the US, De Anza College also offers a great program in Product Design. Product Design is a specialised field within the larger field of Industrial Design, however both fields do overlap quite a bit and are very similar. You can study Industrial Design at James Madison University.


In Australia, the La Trobe University, Australian National University (ANU), and University of Sydney all offer courses in Product Design as well.


If you love to work with cutting-edge technology and letting your creative juices flow, pursue Product Design!


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