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The Bachelor of Music (BMus) is suitable for students who are eager in obtaining a comprehensive musical education. Pursuing a higher education in this field open the doors to creative interdisciplinary connection within music disciplines. BMus students develop into professional musician whilst improving their abilities in Composition, Improvisation, Performance and other areas of creative practice. There are several majors that students may choose to specialise when pursuing BMus. The spectrum of options includes Arranging and Sound Design, Composition, Contemporary Music Practice, Creative Music, Digital Music & Media, Improvised Music, Musicology, Music Technology, and Performance. Most often than not, universities would provide students with the access and opportunity to many music industry practitioners.


Indeed a large proportion pursues a career in the creative industry. Contrary to popular belief, Music graduates are not confined to their field of study. BMus graduates may move on to an array of jobs in a variety of different sectors. BMus student often would have honed skills that define employability (Business and Customer Awareness, Communication, IT skills, Numeracy, Problem Solving, Self-management, and Team Work) by the time they graduate. Music students have an edge over other graduates. For example, the involvement in organising, hosting or performing in public events exposes music students to sharpen these employability skills sought after employers. As such, careers include Musician, Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Digital Content Producer, Event Manager, Radio Producer, Marketing & Communications Officer and Theatre Stage Manager to name some.

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What to expect from architecture degrees

The undergraduate architecture degree programs will focus on teaching students everything from how a beam works to how to accurately draw 3D diagrams and designs, training you to be proficient in hand drawing and using computer programs. The most of your studies however will be focused in studio design work, combining it with tutorials and critiquing lessons. These “crits” or critique sessions are where students are exposed to art and design education, where you present your work to your peers and tutors and receive feedback for it.


Students of these courses will also attend lecture in art history, architectural history, theory and technology, and computer aided design lessons. All of this aims to equip students with the adequate proficiency in multiple design programs to help them complete individual projects. Essays are therefore a staple for academic architecture degrees, as you will visit important buildings and places of architectural interest.


Those who study architecture at undergraduate level will graduate in three to four years with a BA or BSc depending on the program. In the UK this bachelor’s qualification will usually include the ARB/RIBA (Architects Registration Board/Royal Institute of British Architects) Part 1 examinations, which you need before taking the Part 2 examinations (often included within a Masters in Architecture) and Part 3 examinations (a further postgraduate degree or relevant experience). These ‘parts’ are the official ARB/RIBA requirements which all training architects are required to gain in addition to practical experience.

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Institutions with Bachelor of Music

There are a number of institutions in the world that offer renowned Music courses. In the UK, University of Surrey is placed 1st locally for its BMus (The Guardian University Guide 2017 – Music).

Similarly, listed below are several other recognised schools for it Music courses in the UK:


  University Rank
  University of Surrey 1st
  The University of Manchester 2nd
  Royal Holloway, University of London 7th
  The University of Edinburgh 8th
  University of Southampton 10th
  Birmingham City University 11th
  University of Nottingham 13th
  Cardiff University 15th
  Durham University 17th
  University of York 18th
  University of Birmingham 19th
  University of Hull 20th

Source: The Guardian University Guide 2017 (Music)


If you are keen in studying in Australia, you may wish to consider The University of Sydney and Australian National University that too offers recognised Bachelor of Music. So seize the opportunity to participate in a thriving performance and composition environment, Turn your musical talent into a remarkable career by pursuing in the field of Music. For more details on Entry Requirements & Application Procedures, drop us an email at or fill in the enquiry form below. Global Study Abroad is the only Education Agency in Singapore that offers students Exclusive Bursaries! For more information on Bursaries, click here. For more information on Overseas Scholarships, click here. Study Abroad, Think Global!


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