“The wise man bridges the gap by laying out the path by means of which he can get from where he is to where he wants to go.” – J.P. Morgan, American Financier/Banker


Indisputably, the critical components that drives the world of business stems from the famous FAME subjects (Finance, Accounting, Management and Economics). Pursuing a higher education in Accounting and Finance would better equip you with the knowledge on how businesses, management and money are connected whilst covering the practical and major features of economics. An investment to the knowledge of Accounting and Finance without a doubt pays the best interest.


What is Accounting and Finance?

Contrary to common understanding, the two subjects of Accounting and Finance are actually not one and the same. On one hand, Accounting centres on the daily management of financial records and reports in a business. Students in the field of Accounting concentrate on professional processes and principles to handle numbers. On the other hand, Finance often refers to the financial strategy and control features of the enterprise. Finance students learn to evaluate and interpret the assets and debts, and propose future growth strategies following the company’s finances. In essence, Accounting is a narrow-focus subject as compared to the wide-range aspects of Finance.

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The Mathematics degree program covers topics such as geometry, algebra, calculus, probability and statistics. Students will be taught its fundamental techniques and theories. In applied mathematics, students work to explain real life phenomenons through mathematical formulas. Students will focus on topics like financial mathematics, coding and operations research. This degree program trains the mind to think logically and construct arguments precisely and concisely.


The quantitative and problem-solving skills that Mathematics majors have are highly valued and graduates find themselves working in various occupations across many industries in both the public and private sector. They find employment as financial and risk analysts, financial planners in banks and insurance companies, actuaries, data and system analysts, and data scientists. Given that mathematics is integrated into many parts of people's lives, Mathematics majors will find endless opportunities to utilise their deep understanding and relevant skill sets in Mathematics.

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Other than the ivy league universities and Oxford and Cambridge, there are other universities that have good Mathematics programs too. Some of the universities among the top 50 that offer great Mathematics degree programs include UC Berkeley (6th), UCLA (9th), Australian National University (27th), University of Sydney (45th). [QS World Rankings by Subject - Mathematics, 2017]


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