Maritime Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field, this course is one which embraces the liberal arts foundation of exploring mankind’s continuous and critical connections with the world’s waterways and watershed. Ever evolving, Maritime Studies encompasses the liberal arts in recognized humanities and social science disciplines, such as History, Geography, Sociology, English, Economics, Political Science and Anthropology. Maritime Studies is centred around the social and cultural interactions of the human-water relationship. Maritime Studies recognizes and explore the links between human activities, the composition and condition of the coastal and marine environments. As a liberal art, it incorporates history, literature, poetry and film to uncover the broader scope of human civilization, above and beyond traditional maritime history and seamanship.

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Disciplines in Maritime Studies

There are several subdisciplines for you to specialize in under Maritime Studies. Below are the list of courses you can consider as potential specializations when you want to be involved in the Maritime industry.

  • Marine & Coastal Technologies
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Geography
  • Marine Operations
  • Marine Sciences
  • Maritime Business
  • Maritime History
  • Maritime Law
  • Maritime Logistics
  • Maritime Navigation
  • Naval Architecture
  • Oceanography

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Institutions with Maritime Studies

There are various universities with Maritime Studies each with their own specialization. Here is a list of universities which offer courses in Maritime Studies in the UK:

Students interested to study in Australia may consider institutions such as Edith Cowan University, Flinders University, Southern Cross University, The University of Western Australia, and Auckland University of Technology. You may also wish to consider pursuing this field of study at the highly accredited Hawaii Pacific University in the US.

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