Marine Engineering

What is Marine Engineering?

Our oceans today are packed with huge and complex cargo ships. Marine Engineers are tasked with the design, development, production and maintenance of such vessels and equipment used at sea. Students will learn the fundamentals in marine and offshore technology.

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Careers in Marine Engineering

Graduates with a degree in Marine Engineering are increasingly in high demand. Do expect an exciting and fascinating experience. You will often work in an outdoor setting in the yard, by a port or on a ship! Do not expect to spend the days cooped up in the office.  


The following are possible career options with a degree in Marine Engineering:

Naval Architect

Marine Engineer

Site Manager

Ship Builders


There are many universities offering courses in Marine engineering. Newcastle university also offers a programme in Marine Engineering. This degree programme will develop students who have a strong interest in the development and operation of marine systems. Graduates will be equipped with a valuable set of skills and knowledge in the field of marine engineering.


Plymouth University offers a three-year BEng (Hons) in Marine Technology. Students will be able to gain a comprehensive knowledge in both marine engineering and naval architecture.


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