What is logistics?

Logistics is the study of complex supply chain management. The logistics industry utilises mathematics to analyse the various market factors affecting distribution of goods and services from suppliers to consumers.  A logistician engages in a broad field of work including product procurement, production, distribution and disposal. Essentially, you will be working in the field of product placement and goods distribution globally.

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Careers in logistics

With the increasing popularity and growth of online retail stores, logistics graduates are highly in demand. Graduates with a degree in logistics can look forward to a variety of career opportunities at your disposal.


The following are possible career choices with a degree in Logistics:

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Supply chain design and planning

Procurement and supply management

Freight transportation

Warehouse design and management

Distribution network design and planning

Inventory management and control


There are many institutions that offer outstanding linguistics courses globally.


The Southampton Solent University offers a three-year BSc (Hons) degree in Maritime Transport and International Logistics. The course will equip students with the required knowledge  and skills in understanding international logistics and supply chain management.  There is a large emphasis on experiential learning where students will acquire knowledge and skills through application with the real world.


Cardiff University, one of Britain’s leading public research university, also offers a three-year BSc Business Management Programme which allows you to specialise in Logistics and Operations Management.


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