“A linguistic system is a series of differences of sound combined with a series of differences of ideas.” - Ferdinand de Saussure


Language is not just a communication tool, it is a bridge between peoples, a way of looking at the world and a huge part of culture.


One common misconception is that linguists speak multiple languages. The study of linguistics is actually the study of how language works. They study how language is created and developed by analysing sounds, words and its meanings. Core topics include semantics, phonetics and syntax.

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Linguistics majors do diversify and specialise in areas such as sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. Linguists in the field of cognitive linguistics study the mental processes behind language, the relationship between language and thought. Comparative linguistics on the other hand, is the study of languages by comparing and contrasting them to find similarities and differences.


Linguistics graduates have branched into interesting and specialised careers. For example, many linguists work in translation and interpretation for the public and private sector, lexicography (writing, editing and compiling to dictionaries), speech therapy and computational linguists in tech industries.

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A career in linguistics-related careers require at least a Bachelor's degree. Top universities that have remarkable Linguistics degree programs include University of Edinburgh (5th), UC Berkeley (8th), UCLA (9th), Lancaster University (19th), University of Sydney (27th), Australian National University (29th), University of Manchester (38th), University of Birmingham (45th), University of Auckland (50th).

[QS World University Rankings by Subject - Linguistics, 2017]


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