“Study the past if you would define the future.” – Confucius



Contrary to popular belief, pursuing a higher education in the field of History is not all about memorising the details of historical events. The subject involves examining methodically and in detail the overall influence of historic occurrences, trends and artefacts on the world. For instance, students may learn how previous revolutions and wars have shaped a particular countries’ political system, or how a train of belief has developed to influence contemporary thinking. Throughout, student would be imparted with the knowledge of past issues of human endeavour, and develop an analytical mindset to apply this knowledge to the societal problems in today’s world. Graduates often have a deeper insight into the political, cultural and social motivations that exists today.


Due to the span of possible periods and locations, there are a countless number of topics for History undergraduates to choose to specialise in. Examples of specialisations include, and not limited to, Art History, Ancient History, Military History, Country-specific History, World War One or Two, and The Middle Ages to name some.

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Careers with History Degree

There is a diverse range of career paths pursued by those who study History. Jobs directly related to a History degree include Heritage Manager, Historic Buildings/ Conservation Officer, Museum Curator, Museum Education Officer, Gallery Exhibitions Officer, and History Teachers/Lecturer. History graduates may utilise their skills to other industries such as Media and Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, or even Public Relations.

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Institutions with History

There are numerous institutions worldwide that offers excellent courses in History. In the UK, listed below are several institutions placed in the Top 50 in the World for its History Courses:


  University Rank
  The University of Edinburgh 23rd
  The University of Manchester 29th
  Durham University 37th
  SOAS University of London 39th
  Queen Mary University of London 48th

Source: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 (History)


Similarly, listed below are several top UK institutions with highly recognised History courses in the region: University of Surrey (4th), Loughborough University (4th), Lancaster University (8th), and University of Bath (10th) [The Guardian University Guide 2017 (History)].


Likewise, students who are interested to study Geography in Australia, The Australian National University (14th) and The University of Sydney (21st) could be an option with the institutions ranking in the Top 30 in the World [QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 (History)].


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