“As in geology, so in social institutions, we may discover the causes of all past changes in the
present invariable order of society”- Henry David Thoreau


What is Geology?

Geology seeks to understand Earth and how has it changed overtime. There are 3 main fields of

1. Earth Processes
2. Earth Materials
3. Earth History.


Geologist analyses past events on earth and how they might influence the future. Geology also encompasses the study of Earth’s history of life; organisms that inhibited our planet in the past. Considering Earth’s recent changing climate, geologist have been more concerned with the history of Earth’s climate and the impact of people’s actions on our environment.
Interested to make a difference and combat climate change? Perhaps geology is the right choice for you!

 Pursue Your Dream in the field of Geology

Careers in Geology

Geologist and Earth scientist are much sought after in many professions. Graduates with a degree in Geology can look forward to an interesting and rewarding career. You will be able to work in a variety of job settings.

The following are possible career options with a degree in Geology:
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Engineering geologist
Wellsite geologist



There are many accredited institutions globally that offer a degree in Geology. The University of Leeds offers a 3 years full time BSc in Geological Sciences. You will be equipped with the essential knowledge in earth science disciplines at their state-of- the-art facilities. There is also a strong emphasis placed on practical hands on learning and field trips. Cardiff University also offers a three-year full time BSc in Geology. A key component in their programme is fieldwork. Students will have the chance to travel to different locations to analyse the environment and engage in practical hands on learning,


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