Food and Nutrition

“Man is What He Eats” – Lucretius


What is Food and Nutrition?

From a molecular level through to people and populations, food and nutrition experts can make a difference in our lives. They serve our community by improving our diet and health. Food science and nutrition graduates study how individual food components are digested, absorbed and utilised. With this knowledge, they improve our healthy by designing diets to manipulate these effects according to individual people’s needs. Students will also get to study the factors that influence consumer food choices, for example, how consumers respond to food marketing and their impact on health. They also study the importance of sustainable food production and how food producers, retailers and consumers respond to global food issues. Essentially, food nutritionists possess the skills and knowledge in food chemistry, production, preservation and process technology, food safety and quality management. These skills are applied in the various industries like food marketing, food manufacturing and nutraceutical industries, dietary consultancy, sports and healthcare industries.

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Career Opportunities:

Dietitians or nutritionists help to promote good health through corrective eating habits, thus improving the quality of life. Their major work involves planning and fixing nutritional regimens for their patients educating them on the best eating habits. They can work with government hospitals, government's health department, schools, colleges, factories and office cafeterias for planning nutritional regimen, nursing care facilities, sports hostels and athletes camps, catering department of star hotels and restaurants and research labs of food manufacturers.


Here is a list of possible career options (this is list is not exhaustive):

Food technologist
Nutritional therapist
Product/process development scientist
Quality manager
Regulatory affairs officer
Scientific laboratory technician
Technical brewer

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There are several institutions that offer extraordinary programs in Food and Nutrition. Among the top UK universities in this area are: University of Surrey (1st), University of Leeds (2nd), University of Nottingham (3rd), University of Reading (5th), University of Lincoln (6th), Newcastle University (9th). If you are looking to study in the US, you can also check out Oregon State University. [The Complete University Guide - Food Science 2018]


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