Environmental Science

Environmental Science is the scientific study of the chemical and biological processes of the earth and the social, political and cultural impact these processes have on the earth. Students will be familiar with the concepts and methodologies required to analyse problems in the environment and to come up with solutions to manage or prevent these problems.

One key feature in Environmental Science programs is fieldwork. Students travel across different regions and landscapes to conduct studies on various habitats, species, climates etc. The study of environmental science is also very broad and many students choose to specialise in some of these areas:


  • Soil Ecology - focus on processes in soil and how it affects agriculture
  • Earth Systems - large scale processes like oceanic systems and climate change
  • Environmental and Biological Conservation - focus on conservation techniques to preserve endangered species
  • Pollution Prevention - study on human pollution in the environment and waste reduction and disposal
  • Water Resource Management - challenges that communities face to get water for sanitation, drinking, agriculture etc.

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Career Prospects

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Marine Biologist
  • Nature Conservation Officer
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Toxicologist
  • Waste Management Officer

*This list is not exhaustive


According to The Complete University Guide, top schools in the UK for Environmental Science include Durham University (3rd), University of Bristol (6th), University of Exeter (8th), Lancaster University (9th), University of Leeds (10th), University of Manchester (11th). Outside the UK, reputable schools such as UC Berkeley (1st), UCLA (16th), and Australian National University (ANU ) (24th) offer great environmental science programs as well. [QS World Rankings by Subject - Environmental Science, 2017]


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