Diagnostic Imaging

What is Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic Imagine is a non-invasive method to identify and treat diseases via images. Machines such as CT, MR or ultrasound utilize ionization radiation to produce images which will depict the internal structures and organs of the patient’s body. The images help to better inform patients and physicians prior to conducting any surgical procedures. Additionally, it can also aid in the early identification of medical problems and subsequent development of treatment plans. Diagnostic imaging is no doubt imperative in expanding the knowledge of professionals in the medical field.

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Careers in Diagnostic Imaging

Be prepared to constantly be on the go to help patients and physicians. At the end of the day, true satisfaction comes from helping others. You will realise that a career in Diagnostic imaging rewarding and exciting. In addition, you can look forward to a career with great financial opportunities in this medical field.   


The following are possible careers with a degree in Diagnostic Imaging:


Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Radiologic Technologist

MRI Technologist

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Computed Tomography Technologist



There are various accredited institutions which provide a holistic education in Diagnostic Imaging. For instance, the University of Sydney ranked number one in Australia in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings in 2017 offers a 4 years full time degree for domestic and international students.


The Keele University offers a 3 years full time degree in Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging) Bachelor of Science (Hons). They also offer a similar degree in 4 years, including a foundation year in Health Foundation.


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