What is Criminology?

Criminology is the scientific study of crime. You will be examining the root cause of the crime and every conceivable reason of deviance. Essentially, it is to explain why criminals do what they do. You will work behind the scenes, supporting law enforcement and analysing the cause and impact and response to crime and deviance.  The focus is to examine crime scenes through scientific means and derive methods to prevent criminal behaviour.

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Careers in Criminology

Guaranteed, a career in Criminology is fascinating and rewarding. You can help combat today’s crime and understand crime from the inside out. You will never have a dull moment on the job and you can look forward to potentially rewarding financial opportunities.  


The following are possible careers with a degree in Criminology:


Criminal Profiler


Field Investigator

Criminal Investigator



Institutions offering a degree in Criminology are plentiful in the world. For instance, the University of York, ranked highly in the list of Top 10 UK schools for criminology, offers an exciting a stimulating introduction to the discipline. You will graduate with a comprehensive learning experience from one of the best universities in the UK. The University of Leeds also offers a holistic education in the field of criminology.

*Top 10 universities specialising in Criminology in the UK


  1. Queens University Belfast
  2. University of York
  3. University of Leeds
  4. University of Stirling
  5. University of Manchester
  6. Lancaster University
  7. University of Portsmouth
  8. Anglia Ruskin University
  9. University of Surrey  
  10. Keele University

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