Construction Management

What is Construction Management?

Construction Management plays an important role in overseeing overall planning, design and construction of a project. Construction is crucial and essential to a society. The society progresses when there is a safe and healthy environment for the people. Hence, the study of construction management is a specialised field that is relevant and imperative to our society.

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Career in Construction Management

Construction Managers oversee large-scale undertakings like commercial estate, public infrastructure and hospitals. There will never be a dull moment in the job as you will undertake different structure constructions. You will be responsible for the safety and success of the project. It is crucial to understand that construction managers are not contractors or constructors.  Rather, you will work together with the various parties collaborating on the construction project and ensure smooth transactions. You will also lead a team of specialist to conduct timely check and inspection on the potential risks and evaluation of the project.  

The following are possible careers with a degree in Construction:

Construction Managers

Project Manager

Project Manager Assistant

Building Inspectors

Site Inspector


Field Engineer



There are a variety of universities offering a degree in Construction Management. The Southampton Solent University offers a 3 years Bachelor of Science (Hons) programme in Construction Management. You will be able to develop important skills and gain first hand experience in the construction industry.


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