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Founded in 1847, the City College of New York (CCNY) is the pioneer college amongst the City University of New York system. Based in Convent Avenue in Harlem, New York City, the Collegiate Gothic campus is situated within the streets notable for its tranquillity and harmonious architecture. Over the decades, CCNY has produced ten Nobel laureates with the recent being John O’Keefe in the field of Medicine in 2014.


Why the City College of New York?

Through its strong foundation in integrating knowledge with experience to nurture its students, CCNY has earned several recognitions to boast its standards. For four years running, The Princeton Review has included CCNY in its annual “Best Colleges” guidebook. U.S. News & World Report 2015 placed CCNY in the top 100 among 620 Regional Universities. In the same year, America’s Best Colleges ranked by Forbes placed CCNY #1 among all CUNYs while Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks it amongst the top 12% globally.


CCNY offers distinguished programs in architecture, engineering, education & the liberal arts, and sciences that prepares students for the working world and mould them into outstanding leaders in every field of study.


Academically, CCNY is branched into eight Schools & Divisions:

1) The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture

2) Grove School of Engineering

3) School of Education

4) Sophie Davis Biomedical Education/CUNY School of Medicine

5) Division of Humanities and the Arts

6) Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at Center for Worker Education (CWE)

7) Division of Science

8) Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership (Division of Social Sciences)


The CCNY takes pride in its long and distinguished history in the field of Physics and Medicine. Six of its alumni went on to become Nobel laureates – Physics: Robert Hofstader (1961), Arno Penzias (1978) and Leon Lederman (1988). Medicine: Julius Axelrod (1970), Arthur Kornberg (1959) and John O’Keefe (2014). In 1921, Albert Einstein gave the first of his series of United States lectures at the CCNY.


CCNY is a leading funded research institution that acquired $60 million in annual research funding, houses two premier research centres; The CUNY Advanced Research Centre and The City College Centre for Discovery and Innovation. Undergraduates are given opportunities to conduct, publish and present their research findings alongside senior researchers and professors through theses funded projects.

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