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Study Group partners with University of Waikato

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore 13 August 2018 Study Group partners with the University of Waikato, one of New Zealand’s prestigious universities.   In a nutshell, the University of Waikato is ranked 274th in the world, among the world’s top 1.1% of universities according to the 2019 QS World University Rankings. Waikato is also rated


Why choose Bellerbys College

(Photo source: Bellerbys College Website)   By Global Study Abroad, Singapore 06 August 2018 Bellerbys College is a series of three private international co-educational boarding schools based in the UK that is owned by Study Group International.   Why do students choose Bellerbys College? The answer lies in 2 factors: Confidence & Choice    


How to achieve a recognised American Doctorate in Physiotherapy

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore 31 July 2018 Failed to make the cut for Physiotherapy in a local institution? Looking for a fulfilling overseas study experience? Fret not, because here in Global Study Abroad, we guide you in making your choice in this crucial phase of your life.     This article reveals some pathways


St Vincent’s Place, a brand new accommodation for Sheffield students

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore 24 July 2018 The University of Sheffield International College is proud to present the new St Vincent’s Place accommodation which is scheduled to open in Mid-August. It is fully managed by the University of Sheffield.   St Vincent’s Place, located just 2 mins away from the International College building, is


University of Sheffield International College unveils Dentistry pathway

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore 17 July 2018 University of Sheffield International College (USIC) unveils a new Biological and Life Sciences foundation pathway route for students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery at the University of Sheffield campus, come September 2018.      In this pathway, students will study core modules consisting of


From Conversation – “Embracing Diversity” (An interview with Jane Elliot)

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore Published on 13 July 2018 “Embracing Diversity” Kings Education Special During the USA Education Seminar on 9th June, we had a chance to talk to Ms Jane Elliott to find out what Kings Education has to offer and her views of studying abroad. Ms Jane Elliott is the Regional Manager


Fast Track Your Way to University of Sheffield

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore   Can’t get direct admittance into University? Sign up for courses at the University of Sheffield!   What are foundation/pre masters courses? For students who do not meet the entry requirements to gain direct admittance into their desired undergraduate/graduate degree programmes, you can take a foundation/pre masters course before progressing


Poly Diploma to Degree

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore   A Poly diploma holder is valued based on his/her practical skills and niche subject-based knowledge. However, getting a Bachelor’s degree can open more doors for you. Here at Global Study Abroad we work with students to create the most suitable education plan based on each individual’s needs and goals.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Community College

By Global Study Abroad, Singapore (Updated 31 October 2019) Did you know that A levels is not the only way to get into a good university? What if you can graduate earlier without even taking O levels? There are many ways to get into university and one of them is through community college. Many Singaporeans


IELTS, TOEFL or PTE? Which English Proficiency Test suits you the best

    By Global Study Abroad, Singapore (Updated 13 December 2017)   Applying to universities abroad can be daunting, but if you are looking to further your education in English-speaking countries and English is not your first language, then you will have an extra hoop to jump through. Most institutions will require you to take