What are your options after N-Levels?

December 30, 2016 Administrator
Students studying at La Trobe University
Students studying at La Trobe University

Many of you are wondering at the end of N-Levels what options you have in the future. Two of the most popular options range from progressing to O-Levels in the next year, enrolling into the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Did you know other options exist?


We here at Global Study Abroad are expert advisors on education pathways to find you the shortest path to a degree program. Your N-Level Certificate and the popular options are not the only pathways to a degree. There exists Foundation Pathways, Diploma Pathways and shorter routes to attain Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees which are far more recognized than an ITE Certificate.


All across the globe and in Singapore, there are pathways for you with your N-Level certificate to enrol into a prestigious institution, to bolster both your resume and your working experience to develop yourself as a highly skilled individual.


For those who seek to study in the United Kingdom, Bellerbys College is the absolute top destination for pathways to the most prestigious universities in the world. Foundation Programs provided by Bellerbys College are provided across their 3 campuses, at Brighton, Cambridge and Oxford. This gives students the options and opportunities to choose from a wide range of Foundation Programs, A-Level programs or UK Year 12 options. Bellerbys is recognized all across the UK as a stepping stone to some of the most prestigious universities.


A great choice is also available in USA through community colleges such asĀ Green River College. Green River College provides student a 2+2 transfer pathway. What it means is that students will take a two-year program in USA through Green River College and transfer into the final two-year of a top university in USA. Not only is the transfer pathway to universities in USA affordable, students will be able to gain access to top universities such as UC Berkeley without needing to take test preparations such as Scholastic Assessment Test a.k.a SAT.


In Australia, there are options known as International Study Centres, which offer Foundation Programs on each of the campuses of the top universities. Some of these include, the Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia and Flinders University. Entrance to these Foundation Programs is on a case-by-case basis for N-Level students but is more liberal and open to O-Level students. These pathways allow you to shave years off the traditional route of A-Levels into University. But instead allow for an accelerated pathway to attain the degree.


There are also multiple diplomas to university programs all over the world, from Canada to Ireland, which also give students the best options for entry to a university after they have taken their diploma. Do not wait to plan your future! Enquire with us at Global Study Abroad, together we can plan your future for the optimal route to get you your degree.


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