“It's not new that architecture can profoundly affect a place, sometimes transform it. Architecture and any art can transform a person, even save someone.” Frank Gehry


Architecture is the careful art and science of designing and engineering huge structures such as buildings and landmarks. If you are keen on studying architecture you must have the enthusiasm for both the arts and the sciences. As architecture admissions usually requires both artistic ability and mathematical prowess.


What is architecture?

Architects are involved in designing structures for human use and are therefore extremely responsible for the safety and reliability of these structures. Students must be prepared for long periods of study before becoming a fully-fledged and licensed architect. Regulations in architectural design vary across regions and you would have to commit to at least 5 years of study for a bachelor’s and working experience to be licenced.

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What to expect from architecture degrees

The undergraduate architecture degree programs will focus on teaching students everything from how a beam works to how to accurately draw 3D diagrams and designs, training you to be proficient in hand drawing and using computer programs. The most of your studies however will be focused in studio design work, combining it with tutorials and critiquing lessons. These “crits” or critique sessions are where students are exposed to art and design education, where you present your work to your peers and tutors and receive feedback for it.


Students of these courses will also attend lecture in art history, architectural history, theory and technology, and computer aided design lessons. All of this aims to equip students with the adequate proficiency in multiple design programs to help them complete individual projects. Essays are therefore a staple for academic architecture degrees, as you will visit important buildings and places of architectural interest.


Those who study architecture at undergraduate level will graduate in three to four years with a BA or BSc depending on the program. In the UK this bachelor’s qualification will usually include the ARB/RIBA (Architects Registration Board/Royal Institute of British Architects) Part 1 examinations, which you need before taking the Part 2 examinations (often included within a Masters in Architecture) and Part 3 examinations (a further postgraduate degree or relevant experience). These ‘parts’ are the official ARB/RIBA requirements which all training architects are required to gain in addition to practical experience.

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There are various accredited institutions in the UK which provide a holistic education for budding architects. Following is a list of a list of institutions you can consider when applying to the UK.


University The Guardian Ranking
Kent 7th
Huddersfield 8th
East London 11th
Nottingham 12th
Coventry 13th
Sheffield 15th
Strathclyde 18th


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