Anthropology is dedicated to the study of human beings and our societies. It is concerned with discovering the basis of human interaction and behaviours as well as the biological features of what makes up a human being. The study focuses on the issues of power, identity and inequality influenced by societal and cultural aspects of human life.


Undergraduates in Anthropology will be well-prepared for living and working in an increasingly interconnected world. You will master a unique set of skills that is useful for working with people. There are four major fields of Anthropology:


Archaeology – Analyse artefacts from excavation sites to understand human history.


Biological Anthropology – Analysis of the biological aspects of humans and near humans.


Cultural Anthropology – Analyse and understand human societies around the world.


Linguistic Anthropology – Analyses human communication processes.

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Graduates with a degree in Anthropology go on to work across a wide variety of sectors. Careers where this knowledge is high in demand include social research, government and international developments.


Anthropologist can also work in the field of education, business, medicine and environmental sustainability.


The following are possible careers with a degree in Anthropology:



Human Resource Representative

International Non-Profit Administrator


Research Assistant

There is a plethora of universities offering a degree in Anthropology. For instance, the University of Manchester offers a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology where you can graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in 3 years. The university is ranked 18 th in the QS world University Ranking and is 5 th in the UK.


*Top 10 universities specialising in Anthropology in the world:

Harvard University
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
University of Cambridge
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
University of Oxford
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
Stanford University
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
University College London (UCL) subject-rankings/2017/anthropology


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