Do you want to eradicate food poverty? Ever wondered about the science behind genetically modified food crops? If so, consider a degree in agriculture!

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Agriculture and Forestry is an interdisciplinary course that encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, economics, business and management. An agriculture degree combines the theoretical study and practical application of farming. This includes the study of plant and soil sciences, sustainable farming and working with businesses to expand crop yields. Students also have the opportunity to learn how to develop solutions to real-world farming and crop production
problems. Some of the jobs that graduates can undertake following graduation are farm manager, forestry, fishery manager, plant biologist, soil scientist, botanist, and

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Possible specialisations:

Agricultural Management: Agricultural Managers oversee all aspects of running farms and other facilities that produce crops. They plan and coordinate the operation of farms, nurseries, greenhouses, and other agricultural production sites.


Horticulture: Students study the sciences and technologies surrounding plant
cultivation. Careers in this specialism could include plant conservation work, research and development to improve crop yield, and gardening and landscaping projects.


Forestry Management: Duties include but are not limited to collecting and analysing
field and control samples of biological samples, developing reforestation plans, surveying, measuring, and mapping forest areas and access roads using GIS or land


Animal Science: In this area, students study animal physiology and biology, and apply their knowledge to issues like animal nutrition, reproduction, behaviour and productivity. Possible career options are wildlife manager, endangered species biologist and wildlife forensics etc.


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